bottle But Wang Lin may Specials 3000 yuan / bottle sold Zou Yong. Thus, Zou courage November 4, 2010 to 3.4 million yuan Wang Lin remittance purchased 100 boxes (12 bottles / box), January 27, 2011 in two bought a total of 15 million yuan remittance 400 boxes.January 2013, Zou Yong Wang Lin from the Maitai purchased at the wrong time entertaining friends discover the taste. March 4, 2013, by the identification of Guizhou Moutai Co., Zou Yong Wang Lin sold 6,000 bottles of wine are not produced in Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. Maotai five years of aging. Zou Yong Wang Lin after repeated requests to return wines unsuccessful.Zou Yong believes that Wang Lin in the process of the sale of so-called Maotai deliberately concealing important facts, providing false information, shall be returned to wines and liabili   nike air presto 4 womensty. Therefore, requesting the court Zou Yong, Wang Lin returned wines 18.4 million yuan, more than 4.24 million yuan compensation for loss of interest, and assume the case costs.Reply:Never said that MaotaiThe case last September in Pingxiang City Intermediate People's Court.For the prosecution Zou Yong, Wang Lin respondent said the two sides sales contract has been fulfilled, he never said that the Department of Guizhou Maotai liquor Moutai Co., Ltd. production, Zou Yong advocated return does not

 meet the legal requirements.Wang Lin pointed out pleadings, transcripts of the public security organs according to the survey can be seen, Zou Yong Wang Lin is the kind of place often drink white wine, and saw personally confirm that the wine is no label, no packaging, no production Under the circumstances manufacturers to Wang Lin made the purchase requirements. Wang Lin never said Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. is a production of Maotai.Wang Lin also defended that, from November 2010 to provide for the first time to Zou Yong liqunike air flyknit max womensor involved when in January 2013 only sue Zou Yong, Zou Yong has been drinking more than 600 bottles, then again to the "goods not board" there is no legal basis to request a return.April 3, made a first instance verdict, dismissed the plaintiff Zou Yong. Sohu Entertainment News According to Taiwan media reports, Tony Yang and Amber Kuo situation changed nearly a month, he seems to have been getting out of the shadows, restore past funny humorous nature, he uploaded a naked yesterday in Instagram pictures from the dew point, which should expose the "love muscle" he was himself painted dark mud, not

sparing even the face, completely "from the black." In addition, in the past he Jingzhuang fit body, actually bizarre serious Xiaofeng, even ribs were visible, so that fans refer to "reluctant" to take good care of his body.Tony Yang explained that a friend sent him a jar of dirt, asking him to "tired" nike air huarache menscan be used, without thinking that he will be in the dirt and into the bath tub was later corrected to use friends, should be applied to the body mud fishes, He applied the law as skeptical, but after the completion can not help but question: After "  OK, I was not in trouble," he will be the body covered with black mud of photos uploaded Internet, many netizens laugh at him stupidly, cheated by friends do not know, but there is more like his fans to see him lean to the bone, pained him to take good care of yourself. Beijing on April 13, Pacers home to 116-104 win over the Thunder, ushered 5 game winning streak. Westbrook this field to get a career scoring record of 54 points, along with nine rebounds and eight assists. Because the Nets lost, so the Pacers and Nets record with 37 wins and 43 points, but the Pacers since a 5-2 record in games against reason, still ranked ninth in the east.Section Four score: Thunder: Westbrook 54 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, 16 points