electionXinhua News Agency, Washington, March 18 (Reporters Guan Jianwu and Lu Jiafei) -, A new opinion poll showed the United States on the 18th, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presidential campaign support for not only lead in the Democratic presidential nomination, and is also working with Top Republican candidates "singled out" in the win.CNN poll shows that 62 percent supported Clinton Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, Vice President Joe Biden get 15% of the vote.On the Republican side, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had 16 percent support, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, respectively, 13% and 12%, ranking behind.In the matchup with Bush and Paul, Clinton 55%, respectively, compared to 40% and 54% compared witnike air max 90 hyperfuse ukh 43% win. Extremist organization "Islamic State" published on the 11th in the network video display, the organization of armed men in the Assyrian ruins of the ancient city of Nimrud in northern Iraq wanton vandalism, launched a massive explosion at the site of this almost razed to the ground. The BBC said that this video seems to confirm the media in March this year, the "Islamic State" destroy ancient ruins of Nimrud reported.The stone into piecesIn a video footage showed armed men armed with sledgehammers smashed a statue, while

others put the stone into pieces. The next screen displays massive explosion took place, accompanied by a mushroom cloud of dust clouds drifting into the air, the entire site of Nimrud was almost razed to the ground.An armed threat to the camera that they will initiate a similar action. Another armed men claiming to blow up the United States, "Black Palace" (meaning the White House).In March, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq said in a statement, "The Islamic State" militants using heavy military truck destroyed the ancient city of Nimrud archaeological remains. The statement did not elaborate monuments extent of the damage, saying that extremist groups continue to "provoke a global conscience and human feelings."Some archaeologists say, "Islamic State" to the illegal trade of cultural relics as an important source of funding, they can not sell or destroy only inconvenient transportation artifacts.UN nike air max 90 salecondemnsNimrud was built in the 13th century BC, located in the Tigris River from Iraq's second largest city, the "Islamic State" main stronghold of Mosul about 30 km. There is "Assyrian treasures," said one of Iraq's most famous archaeological sites, ranked the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site list of candidates.Nimrud after the destruction

of ancient ruins, UNESCO condemned the behavior called "Islamic State" is "cultural cleansing", equivalent to war crimes. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement through a spokesman expressed indignation.Since last June, the "Islamic State" seize large areas in northern Iraq, the Mosul as their base camp in Iraq. Since then, the extremist organizations have repeatedly destroyed monuments, and publish related videos.In February this year, the extremist group released a video, showing its members with a sledgehammer, drills and other tools in the Mosul Museum wantonly destroy precious relics. Iraq's prime minister issued a statement strongly condemning Abadi and Iraq announced the re-opened to the public museum to fight back extremist groups this behavior. According to Xinhua News Agency later than the estimated time of three hours, Clinton released a video on Sunday-afternoon, officially announced candidates competing for the Democratic presidential nomination, campaign website alsonike air max 1 sale  formally launched. "I'm ready, I'm going to the presidential election," she says in the film. Two minutes of the movie as the protagonist in the American middle class, set the tone for Clinton's presidential campaign: "I believe the American dream." Starting on the 13th, if the investor's securities are not satisfied with the service or the commission, without having to painstakingly Transfer, and only need to go to another securities firm to open a new account. A shares