"a person a" comprehensive ban, which will give investors more choice to increase the attractiveness of A-share accounts and securities companies to reduce commission Forced to enhance serviceRelated stock movementsEverbright Securities 34.76 0.471.37%Haitong 27.44 0.020.07%State Securities 26.36-0.25-0.94%Huatai Securities 30.60-0.36-1.16%Jinlong 50.64-1.15-2.22% stakeWorks.Is expected to substantially increase the number of accountsAccording to Chinese settlement on the 12th night issued securities account operational guidelines (revised edition),nike air presto 4 mens   the same investors can apply to open up to 20 A-share accounts, closed-end fund accounts. Analysts expect the move to facilitate investors in the market to a good background, is expected to bring substantial growth in the number of accounts.Liberalized restrictions are part of the integration of the securities account, "one family, one person." According to Chinese settlement of integrated solutions, each investor will have a total number of accounts and sub-accounts. A pass code subaccount under total accounts include accounts of RMB ordinary shares (A shares account), RMB special stock accounts

 (B-share accounts), the National SME share transfer system accounts (share transfer system accounts), closed-end fund account opening -end fund accounts and securities accounts established under other business needs.Securities account before integration, each client on the surface of only one securities account, but behind it a stock market account, silently endured seven charges. "After the integration, the original seven charges adjusted to only charge a fee to open an account, account fees and charges unified substantially reduced, a drop of 56%." China Clearing responsible person said.It is understood that any investor has a yard pass account information at any outlets of any securities of the company, always check all personal account information, you only need to provide relevant information to prove.Brokerage commissions war imminent"A person a" ban accounts convenience to investors, but also will have a direct impact on the brokerage business model. "The most immediate impact is the commission of war." nike air max 2014 ukFinance and Securities Institute, Wuhan University of Science and Technology Dong Teng said.Dong Teng new view, and now the brokerage commission, which is the brokerage fee to investors, the ratio is generally in the eight ten thousandths. But the bull market which, in the case of the stock market

has a high turnover rate, the commission also decreased space. Investors choose which broker to open an account, ultimately depends on the comparison of the commission. "Bull market, brokerage commission will strive to keep down the old shareholders, investors will compare old and new accounts to commission a lower priority."The new regulation has just been released, some of the staff of the brokerage business department has felt the pressure. "Competition will certainly intensify fight charges are inevitable, and have more market-oriented means for marketing, the transition from the past to develop customers for customer retention." A client manager of a securities company Beijing business department said."This store sales is a huge business transformation, nike air max 95 salehad said the day after how bad." The account manager said.However, financial commentators Shipi Hai Chau seems now the commission has been relatively low, and lower commissions on more favorable terms to attract new customers, old customers unattractive. "Short term commission rates may be adjusted down to five ten thousandths more reliable, but is difficult to have a big room for adjustment."In fact, the past two years, with the development of Internet securities account online commission rate has dropped below ten thousandths.